Rewatch: Legends of Tomorrow


   I’ve been a fan of Legends of Tomorrow since it first aired. It was unique and quirky, in other words it shouldn’t have ever existed. Fortunately there are execs at the CW who apparently are into taking chances. After all of these seasons Legends come and Legends go, and a few have made the ultimate sacrifice for their team and time. Going back and watching the series from the beginning, now on season two, and the build-up of the original version of the team was really fun.


   Mrs. Multiverse and I are looking forward to this upcoming season, and how it folds into the Crisis storyline. I would like to see Zari develop more into the Isis persona, and I really am hoping that the writers don’t kill off Ray just because Brandon Routh is departing the series.

   Legends of Tomorrow is on Netflix now. If you haven’t watched it yet, give it a shot. It’s not deep storytelling that will change your life, but it totally is… nah, it’s not. What it is is a really good time that will let you forget the soul crushing day you had in your corporate day-cage (re: cubicle).

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