Bye Bye Binge Watching

[edit] It was pointed out that Netflix is only starting with one show as a weekly release. This will be done as an experiment. Short of dropping prices, which I am confident that they will not/can not do, releasing all of their new content weekly is the one easy answer to keep subscribers coming back to the service continuously.
[edit][edit] 03 Sept: Netflix doubles down on releasing bulk episodes. I guess there was a lot of uproar and whining, so they had to come out and clarify their intentions.
     It looks like Binge Watching will soon be a thing of the past. Netflix is going to be phasing out the recent cultural practice. The weekly model will change the view habits of many viewers. Disney+ will launch using this weekly release model.
     If YouTube would have done a weekly release on Cobra Kai, they would have had me on the hook for a few months. I am not much of a binger but I did watch the second season of Cobra Kai in one day. Other than that anomaly, I don’t binge. I enjoy spreading things out over a few weeks or months.
    This won’t totally end the binge, but subscribers would have to wait until all of the episodes would be released then they could binge to their heart’s content. Although it would be far more likely that the chances of plot points being spoiled if one waits it out to view all of the episodes in one sitting. 
    I think that it is safe to reason that if more of these fan favorite shows that are canceled so quickly were only accessible from week-to-week they might last longer since they would be generating a consistent flow of income, long term. Give people a reason to stick around, and they will, as long as you are not a one-trick pony service like CBS All-Access did with Star Trek: Discovery.
   This post was inspired by an article on ComicBook.Com