Sabbatical: Updated


   On 19, July, I wrote: Going to step away from the blog, FB, and IG for a bit. I need to focus on a few other things at the moment. I’ll still be on Twitter for the time being in a limited capacity.

   Update: So I stepped away from most things for about half a month. It was nice. I made piles of things to sell online [Etsy and Ebay] and at an upcoming yard sale. There was a pile of real life things that I am just going to donate to a shop that helps fund our local animal shelter. I stripped away some online distractions and I am still refining what is important enough to me to keep applying myself toward.

   This is in no way some personal growth journey. I am less than a year away from being 50, I been around the block more times than I would like to admit. No, this is a noise canceling thing. Sometimes you get a build up of so much stuff that, what at first are just voices in a room, become an overwhelming amount of static. That static makes it difficult to focus.

   While I feel like I still have a bit too much static, I am happy with my plans to quell the overwhelmingness of it all.

   I have stopped actively using Twitter, Deviantart and Instagram.

   My main platform is now the Facebook page that supports this site. The only thing I use my personal account for is to share posts about lost or found animals in my area.

   Anything I post on this site’s Facebook page is passively posted to Twitter. I will receive message alerts still, but I no longer constantly check the endless hourly Tweet deluge.

   My Deviantart account is still active, but I am not posting any more of my art there… it’s just another thing.

   Instagram is gone, again. I get obsessive compulsive about sharing my art, designs and collection. It’s just better to let that one go. I am cutting my toy/comic book collection down to a third of what it is anyhow.


   What about you? Have you cleaned the cobwebs out of your daily life? If so, let me know in the comments, or @ me… I’ll be around.

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