Q: The greatest Star Wars Knock-Off… EVER? A: Yes.


   This knock-off figure, Femme Stellarii by Suckadelic, is a beautiful example of a mashup. The wonderful packaging is Leia’s head, on a Wilma Deering (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) body, with legs from another source that I cannot identify yet. For the future, it’s clearly a Micronaut with a silver metal-vacced Leia head. I adore this figure as a whole. The best part is how this all fits together into one cohesive piece. Oh, the 70’s rainbow effect is just icing on the collectible cake.

   I discovered her in the recent video from Toy Polloi on YouTube:

  Bonus: Desktop Wallpaper. I made this for me, and I wanted to share it for whomever wished to download it.


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