Toy Haul: 19.01.22

   Last week I was fortunate in falling into these Star Wars Power of the Force 2 carded figures. I know that they are not doing well, market-wise, but I just had to pick them up. They belonged to a friend of a friend, and I am thankful that she approached me with the offer. Check her online comic strip, Yuki the Destroyer, or listen to them both on the Lootboxers Podcast.

   We have a successful Etsy shop that has been dormant for a few months, and I may post a few of these there. Ebay is pretty saturated with these. Mrs. Multiverse has been interested in procuring a vendor slot at a local antique / craft mall, and I may post them there. All but the Boba Fett, and the Imperial Speeder Bike… those are going to hang out in my collection for a few 😸🤙









   Bonus set… I picked these up last year for next to nothing. They couldn’t be passed up.



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