It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

   As an aficionado of animation, or cartoon nerd if you must, this classic is is one of my all time favorites. I cannot believe that it is 52 years old this year. Yep, in 1966 the world was treated to this tale of Horror. OK, it's not horrific, but it does tell an incredible [...]

Character Reference Sheet Manipulations

   Way back when the internet was new this was my hobby. Using MS Paint, I used to take Bruce Timm’s character sheets from Batman:TAS and Superman:TAS and create different characters. I found a website that focused on this run by a fellow called Kryptcom. That site went down but the users on the forum [...]

What was Your Favorite Version of Dracula?

       What was your favorite version of the Count? Pedestrian as they may be, my choices are Lugosi, Lee, and Oldman. Each one of these men brought something special to the role of the undead master of the night. If there were no rights issues with the estate of Stoker, the Count from [...]

Melissa Benoist shares a BTS photo with Batwoman on Instagram

   My first reaction to the Batwoman outfit was pretty positive. The cape is a bit wispy but the texture of the suit is pretty nice. Like Michael Keaton's Batman 89 gear, I think that this this is a costume best served by remaining in the shadows. Her "cowl" even looks like it's a throwback [...]