A New Superman? Why not? Stay Open to the Options.

Photo credit unknown, Cosplayer unknown, but both are my heroes.

   So today, the internet broke with the “news”, more like speculation, that Henry Cavill was out as Superman. After the shit storm, names were bandied about. Most notably, to me, was Michael B. Jordan. This choice intrigued me. As a matter of fact, Jordan could bring something new to the character, but this isn’t just about putting one actor into the tights. Far from it. This is about coming up with a compelling tale. There is a precedent for a non-caucasian Superman in the comics, and I would be excited to see a change like that. Especially with the proper actor in the role.

   I like Henry, but I am not going to have a melt down if he decided to move on. Do I thing that Warner Brothers would take a “chance” on thinking outside of the “box”? Nope. No chance of it, but the thought of a different kind of Superman is super-intriguing.

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