Power Rangers Day

   I would be remiss if I allowed the passing of this day without mention of the 25th anniversary of the Power Rangers.

I dig those special Rangers
It’s Morphin Time!

   The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out when I was 23, honestly I didn’t even notice them. Then one day I clicked in right when there was some pretty impressive fight choreography happening. It also had the feel of some of the old Japanese shows that I used to watch as a child. I didn’t go out of my way to catch every episode, but I didn’t avoid it either. I liked the original team through the one that went into space. I could give you the original show names like Zyu Ranger, but I won’t. By the time Zeo Rangers aired, I was all in. The stories wayned a bit after that, but I kept watching for the choreography, and creative use of the source material. The merchandise was pretty cool too, it was all Japanese stuff with English branding. The simple genius of how Saban repurposed so many shows into an empire is awe inspiring.


   There were only two other versions that I was into, and still will watch to this day. Ninja Storm, and Dino Thunder… man those two shows are fun!

Bonus image, the original Go Rangers. This pic was scanned and sent to me by Sentai FAQ author Mark Miyaki in the mid-90’s.

Anyhow, Happy Power Rangers Day.

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