Batman: Hush Being Animated for 2019

   Not really feeling like posting much today. The show must go on though. I guess.
   Batman: Hush will be the next animated offering from DC’s direct to video group. It has a general release target of the Summer of 2019. There have been a few solid hits with the DC direct market, and a few squishy misses from them as of late. We’ll see how they can translate on of my favorite story arcs, of all time, into a short cohesive story. Hush lasted throughout a full year of Batman comics, and featured dozens of Batman’s enemies and allies.
   Some of the good direct to video releases have all been based on actual comic book storylines, and most of those had major tweaks to the details, and characters, but the plots remained (for the most part) in tact. I am ok with that. I mean, if I want to see The New Teen Titans: Judas Contract… I’ll dig my issues out of my collection and read them.
   There are a few things that I do take issue with, such as the sexual relationship between Bruce and Barbara in The Killing Joke. It wasn’t in the comic, and it was awkwardly place in the animated version. I would just say that the creators should stick to the script. As close as they can. There is a reason these stories are still being talked about. It’s the same reason that they are considered classics. That’s why they are being made into an animated story. Stick to what’s there.
   OR, I dunno… make an all new, Original story? It’s a thought.
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