Jon Schnepp, the Best Friend I Never Met

May 16, 1967 – July 19, 2018

   I was a latecomer to high speed internet. We had cable or satellite the whole time so we had plenty of content. It wasn’t until 2014 when I began to surf around for content. That all changed once we moved to this place and chose to “cut the cord”.  It was then that I discovered that there were wonderful people on YouTube who were providing quality content. I got into watching Nerds talk about comics, Star Wars, and vintage toys.

   It’s from a particular provider of Star Wars content where this story begins. Back then they were known as AMC Jedi Council. Now they are under the branding of Collider. I loved listening to guys and nerdy as I was, be able to express their passion for the franchise. Then I became curious as to what else the channel, I call them channels, had to provide.

   You probably know, if you’ve read any of this blog, that I am first and foremost a Comic Book Nerd. This lead me to a little chow called HEROES, on the aforementioned AMC/Collider channel. At first I was intrigued… there was this giant crazy cat with insane hair extolling the virtues of comic books. This was Jon. Jon Schnepp. A sweaty nerd just like me.

   Jon passed away last night. He had a massive stroke. He was 51.

   Look, I meant to write about how much he meant, still means to me, but I am tearing up and am having trouble finding the words. We had correspondence a few times, and he followed me on Twitter. He was an awesome upfront guy. He didn’t wear any masks, he was what he was. I wish I could have met him.

   He was a good friend. One that I never met. I will deeply miss him.

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