Mobile Suit Gundam is getting the Live Action Treatment

   This is welcome news. A live action #Gundam film, but which version? I’m old school and would love to see the original MSG 1979. It’s more doable from a budget standpoint, and would be a great jumping off platform for the franchise. We do know that this will be set in the “Universal Century”, which is the main timeline that much of the anime versions take place in.
   Now I’ve been semi-burned by my excitement for a live action version of an anime before. Specifically, I am thinking about Gatchaman and Space Battleship Yamato. Don’t get me wrong, I found plenty to enjoy in these films, but they were just a bit off. Then there are adaptations that I have yet to see, such as Rurouni Kenshin. I feel like I should include the Hollywood anime shots like Speed Racer, and Ghost in the Shell… I enjoyed both, while Dragon Ball Z fell far from its mark for me. Oh, and I totally forgot Fullmetal Alchemist… it was incredible!
    So now we wait to see which version of MSG, and how close it will be to the original material. Right now I am hoping for a version that I am not all that familiar with, or just an original one made just for the cinema.

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