Shogun Warriors: Raydeen

   This last week I received one of my childhood toys in the mail. It was the 24" tall Mattel Shogun Warriors Raydeen. The proper spelling, from the animated show, is Raideen and that is how I'll be referring to the figure. I couldn't believe the condition that it was in. There are more than [...]

Batman: Hush Being Animated for 2019

   Not really feeling like posting much today. The show must go on though. I guess.      Batman: Hush will be the next animated offering from DC's direct to video group. It has a general release target of the Summer of 2019. There have been a few solid hits with the DC direct market, [...]

Jon Schnepp, the Best Friend I Never Met

   I was a latecomer to high speed internet. We had cable or satellite the whole time so we had plenty of content. It wasn't until 2014 when I began to surf around for content. That all changed once we moved to this place and chose to "cut the cord".  It was then that I [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam is getting the Live Action Treatment

   This is welcome news. A live action #Gundam film, but which version? I'm old school and would love to see the original MSG 1979. It's more doable from a budget standpoint, and would be a great jumping off platform for the franchise. We do know that this will be set in the "Universal Century", which [...]