What was Your First Comic Book Series?

post_1st_issues-tt4   To be more detailed, what was your first series that you were aboard on from issue number one? Mini-Series won’t count for this one.

    After some thought, I thought that The New Teen Titans was my first, but I discovered them in their fourth issue then scrambled to collect the previous three.

post_1st_issues    So back to the thinking board I went. Then it dawned on me… Alpha Flight. I was ready for Alpha Flight before it came out because of the 25¢ preview title, Marvel Age. When AF was released I was at my comic book shop, Comic & Comix in Citrus Heights, ready to devour the creation of my favorite artist, John Byrne.

    In my time, I picked up many first issues, but there were only a handful that made it past the first three. I stuck with Alpha Flight until John left the title, even after issue number twelve broke my heart.  When he was done, I felt that was a good point to leave as well.

    So, what was your first?



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