100 Pieces Toy Soldiers: Tiny Blasts from the Past.


   I loved these ads when I was a kid. Although I never actually purchased any of these sets, I did love the idea of so many pieces in each set.

   My Father told me that he once saved up and ordered some of the same set when he was a boy and they were all just thin pieces of stamped plastic that came in a small box. He said I would have just been disappointed… he was right. Coming from an age of three dimensional plastic army men, tanks and jeeps, I would have been very disappointed.

   But how awesome is it that the same products were being offered to the both of us as children? The set from my era seem to have a bit more “meat” to them but still a bit to thin for what I envisioned. Would I want a complete set now… heck yeah. The thing that would have made this disappointing back then would have exactly the opposite effect and be totally charming to me now.

Check this post over on Doug’s Soldiers for more on this style of toy.

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