Turtle Power (2014)


  This is a wonderful documentary on the full history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s a great, and informative, watch. You can’t beat the rental price of $2.99 either. I was on-board the TMNT train back in 84, when I discovered the 2nd printing of issue number one at my favorite comic book shop, Comics & Comix, in Citrus Heights, California.

   It was the Summer of 1984, the LA Olympics were almost upon us, Miss America was exposed in the pages of Penthouse, and I was recovering from the passing of my Granny while preparing for my freshman year in High-school. Being 14, and a Ninja devote’, I fell in instant love with the four brothers and their master. Being an open minded nerd, the move to a more kid friendly style in the cartoon didn’t bother me, and I am a HUGE fan of the 2012 CGI turtles on Nickelodeon. Heck, I have quite a few episodes of the new, and the 2003 version. We even had a Turtle Marathon on Sunday between the two. This documentary doesn’t cover, or mention the new incarnation since it came out a few years ago.

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