Young Justice Series 3!

This looks like we’ll be seeing Nightwing and the Outsiders.

   Needless to say that I am pretty excited for this new series of Young Justice. The first two were well written, expertly animated, and one of the best animated series that I have ever seen.

   This will be airing on yet another streaming service. I didn’t think that I would ever be tired of having so many choices, but this is becoming ridiculous. This week I plan on signing up for YouTube Red, just for Cobra Kai, and there is no way that I am going to pass up the Disney streaming service. After spending money to watch the new Star Trek, well half of it, I am already a bit fatigued buying into a service for just one program.

   Anyhow, this is a show that I already plan on purchasing. So a month or two of another service won’t kill me… I guess?

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