Shogun Warriors Utility Belt


   I had this set back in the day and I still have the fondest memories of it. The belt, gun & communicator were pretty standard and can be found molded in different colors on several Batman sets and others. The winners of this set were the Raideen bird missile shuriken, the Dragun battle-ax and the Great Mazinga sword. My set came from a trip to the Rancho Cordova, California, Pay-Less store one summer. This utility belt set fueled weeks of giant robot role play and I am proud to report that no even alien or terrestrial menace took over the neighborhood on my watch that Summer.



    1. You are going to have to roll a whole new blog just to show off your imported wares 😉 OK, an Instagram account would do too. It’s my personal hobby to drool over vintage Japanese toys ^_^

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