Many Worlds. Many Fandoms. Many Genres. One Passion.

   This site, my 2.0 blog, is the culmination of lessons learned from my decades on the internet and my lifetime of being a nerd. The first shows I remember watching (as a toddler) were Ultraman, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (a.k.a. “Buckethead Ultraman” to me), and Speed Racer. It had to be around 1973, I was 3. What a time to grow up… well sort of. Technically I don’t think I ever grew up 😸

   I like to take a positive view on just about everything. You won’t see me complaining because some property didn’t get it “right”, or Superman is (or isn’t) wearing trunks. Honestly, it’s far more fun to have fun than it is to whine about everything that you have an issue with. If I don’t like something, and have nothing constructive to say about why I dislike it, then I simply don’t talk about it.

Things used to be different. Once upon a time I was a know-it-all nerd, who would school everybody on how tall Wolverine was “supposed” to be, or talk about how much I didn’t like the prequels (like it mattered what I liked or didn’t). Now-a-days I take a more Stoic approach to everything in life, or as Chris Hardwick would say… I enjoy my burrito.

Live long, prosper, and may the Force be with you.

Darran ~ a.k.a. Doctor Multiverse

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