Action Comics #1000!


   In one week Action Comics will be hitting issue 1,000! One thousand issues, wow. Now in 2012, someone at DC comics thought it would be a grand idea to restart the numbering at 1. I think if they just kept the numbering but focused on a new version of the multiverse, things would have gone a bit more smoothly for the reboot. They didn’t. DC decided to erase all that had come before. While it had some supporters, it alienated many old fans. Let’s face it thought, the money is in the making of the new client base.

DC’s road to redemption. 

   I didn’t get into the “New 52”, what the reboot was called, and it wasn’t until they brought back the Kal-El that I grew up with that I returned. The above issue brought about “Rebirth”, and with that it ushered in a merger between the new and the old. It was perfect! I was all in on a few of the books, at first. Then my hold-out was Action Comics. I was impressed with the title, even though I hadn’t picked up a Superman book since he came back from the dead back in the early 90’s.

John Byrne’s Superman Reboot was a huge shake-up in the mid 80’s

   There are phases I go through as a fan of so many things, my interests in characters ebb and flow. Although I have not picked up an issue for the past six months, you can be sure that I’ll be picking this one up, come Wednesday, April 18th. When I say “pick up”, I plan to break my rule of only purchasing vintage physical comics and heading to my local comic shop for this momentous issue.


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