Quantum Multiverse 2.0

   So my phone died, when I picked up a new one I also opted for a new local number. Why does any of that matter? It doesn’t. I’ve had my wordpress site for roughly five years now, and I took a 6 month break from it. When I went to recover it, I had forgotten that I had a new number, and no access to my old application to verify my identity.

   I am not sure if I want to start from scratch again, but here I am. I had been operating my art/sharing/collecting addiction on social media sites, but with some of the stink about Facebook it might be time to re-relocate to my own platform.

   Until I get this new home warmed up with some content, please connect with me on one, or a few, of the social media sites I have listed in the top menu. I have thousands of photos on Pinterest and Facebook, and some quality posts on Twitter. If you are more interested in vintage toys, head to my Instagram account. I’m here to find kindred spirits.

I have a secret place where I go to contemplate all of my problems. They don’t look so insurmountable from there.



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