Let’s Go, Voltron…

   Voltron: Legendary Defender, was released on June 10th. I cannot recommend this new show enough. I was 15 when Voltron: Defender of the Universe was released in North America from a retooled Beast King: Go Lion. Back then, I enjoyed the show a lot, it wasn’t my favorite but is was fun… until they tried splicing in Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. They quickly re-retooled their show and phased out the “Vehicle Voltron” for the more popular lion version. Clever as it was, they milked the footage for all they could. Coupled with the specialty shops importing Go Lion toys, Matchbox releasing a version then Panosh Place taking a shot at the license, the world seemed to be crazy for Voltron.

(Check here for RetroBlasting’s Voltron video, or here for ToyGalaxy’s Voltron video)


   Then, nothing. It was over. There have been a few versions of the popular combiner robot, over the years, in both print and animation. All of them have fallen short. The best was a Voltron/Robotech crossover, and perhaps that little girl in the Voltron costume from a few years ago. I digress. We are here to praise the latest version of of the property. I watched the opening episode and I love the new origin, the new designs, the character development and the comedy. If anybody whines about the level of goofiness that the show contains, simply tell them to go back and watch the original series then  come back and tell us how serious the original Voltron was (not Go Lion). I am not entirely sure that I can ever watch the original series again, perhaps clips of classic Voltron forming, but that’s about it. OK, who am I kidding… I still enjoy the old series (Click here to Watch the Original Voltron: Defender of the Universe on YouTube). If you don’t have Netflix, then visit somebody who does, or do whatever you need to do to watch this.

   Like we’ve done with DareDevil, we (my wife and I) are watching one episode at a time. Stretching the shows out adds to the fun and gives us something to look forward to each week 😸

   Until next time…

Form blazing adorable!

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