Beware the Cartoon Network, Batman.

   I wrote my obligatory rant about CN yanking BTB from its line-up (just like Young Justice & Green Lantern last October, 2012) on Rob’s iO9 entry but now I am bring it to my own blog. I read in the other ranting comments that Cartoon Network is more concerned with a demographic that is far below the 18 year old range. I am not sure why that would be true. It would seem far more logical that they would want to produce something that the whole family would enjoy. Besides some of the characters and situations are not really that fit for younger viewers. My own observations have been that if a program is solid and ties together with one subplot or another, in other words you have to have some sort of recall beyond that of a fruit fly, then that show is far to complicated and must be canceled.

   So what is the motivation for Cartoon Network to continually alienate their viewers? I don’t have a clue. I’d wager that this is a mystery the Dark Detective, himself, couldn’t solve.

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