Aquaman, Trendsetter and Savior of Surfers

So Aquaman had this, very unpopular, redesign back in 1985. Why? I have no clue. It was such a radical change that there was no transition and no time for fans to get used to a new look. Apparently there was one thing that the King of Atlantis did get right… this new look was a great stealth suit for avoid sharks. Not that Arthur needed that since he commands all of the creatures in the oceans and waterways.

This leads us up to today. Now we have, courtesy of an Australian company, Wetsuits that create a camouflage effect when viewed by sharks. There are still some questions to be answered. Such as, do these things actually work? Shark attacks don’t happen with a regular frequency like movies would lead you to believe. Check out the article about these wetsuits on Will These Wetsuits Actually Deter Shark Attacks, or Just Encourage Them?

 I may actually take up Surfing, if they work, of course.

Hang-Loose! 😸🤙

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