There comes a time (or twenty) in every geek’s life when he has to pack up everything he owns and relocate. Now is that time for me and my Wife. A new chapter begins and we have a few bigger changes to adjust too. It is at times like this when I wish I was [...]

Aquaman, Trendsetter and Savior of Surfers

So Aquaman had this, very unpopular, redesign back in 1985. Why? I have no clue. It was such a radical change that there was no transition and no time for fans to get used to a new look. Apparently there was one thing that the King of Atlantis did get right… this new look was [...]

My Top 12 Animated Heroic Series

  A quick note: While most of these shows, with the exception of Clone Wars and some of my honorable mentions (listed below the top 12), are by no means cannon from their original source material they are very well done and entertaining. They each have a unique cool factor that keeps me coming back to re-watch [...]