My Top 5 for Alternate Dimensions in the New DCU

So last Wednesday, 26 July 2013, Newsarama posted this article: Does DC’s New 52 Have Room for These MULTIPLE EARTHS? I’ve given the “New 52” a fair shake but honestly they have not been consistent from title to title and I won’t bring up their utterly unlikable or completely absent versions of old favorites (as an aside… I am not that impressed with Marvel’s NOW “reboot” either and only pick up 2 or 3 titles a month). Also they are easily heading back into continuity issues, again. Anyhow, it has been a few months since I’ve picked up a DC title at all. I thought the Earth 2 title would entice me and give me hope for a better place to be in the new DCU but alas it has not.

   Out of the top ten on the list, “EARTH-WAID” and “Earth-New Frontier” seems to be the best choices on the list. I love the pre-crisis DCU and enjoyed the early days of the post-crisis. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was a watershed moment for me when it first came out. The idea of heroes, or even villains, dying was incredible to me at 15. It wasn’t a marketing scheme, well not entirely and it wasn’t to sell a new toy line like its predecessor of a few months (Marvel Comics Secret Wars). There was a reason for this crisis and that was to try to tie up loose ends and there were many of those. At that point DC comics was nearing 50 years of continuous publishing and obtaining multiple characters from companies such as Fawcett, etc.

My top five choices for Alternate Dimensions in the new DCU would be:

1. George Perez’s JLA/Avengers Dimension

This is my favorite cross-over story of all time. Forever in the making, or at least it seemed so, this 4 issue mini series featured just about every Avenger and JLAer who ever existed by the mid 2000’s. It all began with one image drawn by him then it grew into mythological proportions until fandom demands could no longer go unheard.

2. John Byrne’s Superman & Batman:Generations

This mini series, there were three, covered the DCU from the very beginning (and even earlier than 1938) and explored the implications of legacies. I would even keep the format the same, having it hope through time by a decade at a time.

3. JLA Year One

A classic, post crisis, world. Extra-dimensional activity is practically unknown. The world is as it was in 1986, after the Crisis that nobody can remember except for maybe in dreams and nightmares.

4. JSA /WWII 1947 /No Absolutes

I am a sucker for period comics like All-Star Squadron. Bring these classic characters into a world where the Axis powers have hyper-tech in a world that never sees the end of WWII. In world painted in more grays than patriotic colors the All-Star Squadron combats corrupt allies as well as axis and discovers that the enemy isn’t always the real enemy.

5. Elseworlds Monthly

   Exploring the “What ifs”. What-If comics were some of the best and original stories way back in the great old days of Marvel. A monthly title from DC, delving into different worlds and choices made or not and their unfolding ramifications in the DCU would be fairly entertaining.

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