MMO: Marvel Heroes vs. DC Universe Online

So out of curiosity I decided to download and try out a few of the latest MMO games from my favorite genres. Way back when, I was playing games like Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot along with Star Wars Galaxies. All great games in their own rights and all three I still play, casually, from time to time on private servers. I was also heavily into WWII Flight Simulators like Air Warrior (2 & 3D) and Aces High. Since then I’ve tried Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and D&D Online… none of those really did “it” for me. I still remember being very excited about Middle Earth Online but that one never came to pass.

Marvel Heroes

I first completed and installed the brand new Marvel Heroes. While the cinematic was outstanding, the game play was like Ultima Online Third Age from 2002 which left me very underwhelmed. I’ve wanted to go back and give it another chance but I just can’t bring my self to fire the game back up. Four days downloading seven minutes played… Nuff said.

DC Universe Online

Next up was DC Universe Online. The story was of a far more dystopian future and it has a far richer plot. The character creation, that the Marvel game lacks entirely, was just as fun as the game play. I created my original character “Ranger Zero”, who’s name was taken so I took out the space. Once I got used to the game pay dynamics I was having a blast. That was just in the tutorial that teaches the nuances of the game.

I found this image, and now I really want it to be a thing!

Both of these games are free of charge to play. That being said, you still need to pony up money if you want the cool gear, power or what ever else. I the Marvel Game you collect heroes, while the first is free of charge the following additions will cost you. DC trumps Marvel in the MMO world.To be brutally honest, Marvel’s Facebook exclusive game (now on iOs for the iPhone and coming soon for the Android platform) Avengers Alliance is way more entertaining than their new “immersive” MMO.

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